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Closed Head Injuries, Mental Illness, Dementia: Dr. Royal Lee

Modern medicine is just beginning to connect the dots between closed-head injuries and mental disorders, but as nutrition researcher and historian, Mark R. Anderson explains the detailed connection that Dr. Royal Lee made more than six decades ago.

Even a forgotten blow to the head can manifest years later as a disorder such as epilepsy, early-onset dementia, mental illness or slowed cognitive function, said Dr. Lee. Moreover, Lee described the exact physiological mechanism by which such trauma leads to mental impairment. While medicine remains in the dark about the nature of this mechanism, emerging research is increasingly and rapidly pointing to the correctness of Lee’s theory.

Anderson presents rare audio recordings to allow listeners to hear for themselves Dr. Lee’s description of trauma-induced mental dysfunction as a case of autoimmunity. In one 1955 recording, Dr. Lee explains that a blow to the head can cause “the development of brain antibodies, and that inhibits brain activity.”

Anderson proceeds to back up Lee’s assertion with findings from modern research reporting the discovery of brain autoantibodies in subjects with such neural diseases as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and myasthenia gravis.

As modern medicine gropes to find a solution to the problem of trauma-induced brain dysfunction, Anderson supplies an outline of nutritional therapy, based on Dr. Lee’s work, to help counter the effects of such trauma and allow the brain to recover.

With head injuries and their long-term effects on mental health moving to the forefront of public awareness, this lecture is vitally important for any practitioner providing care to patients with closed-head injuries.

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Instructor: Mark Anderson Run Time: 1 hr CEU Hours: 0 Cert Credit Hours: 0 Course Date: 01/05/2019

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