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Muscle Testing - Beginners Course

This exclusive beginners course was developed for practitioners and clinical assistants that have an interest in muscle testing and would like to understand the foundations of theory and application, along with complementary exams and assessments. The materials, handouts and tools are designed to build comfort and confidence while developing your skill set. This program does not teach any specific type of muscle testing system and no prior experience is necessary to learn and apply new skills. We anticipate that you will use this course as a resource to select a specific technical application and to integrate symptom and physical exam with a muscle testing approach.

More advanced training on this topic, presented by Lowell Keppel, DC, will be available in several online CEU courses.

* ACN certification enrollees are eligible for 1 elective independent study hour upon completing this course.

Instructor: RoquesAnn Armstrong, ACN Run Time: 1 hr CEU Hours: 0 Cert Credit Hours: 1 hr Course Date: 04/06/2019

  • Your Instructor
  • Whole Food Practice Educational Disclaimer
  • Foundation of Muscle Testing
  • 1. What is Muscle Testing
  • 2. How is it Done
  • Multiple Ways to Self Muscle Test
  • 3. Pros and Cons of Muscle Testing
  • 4. How to Integrate Muscle Testing
  • 5. Utilizing the Triad of Health
  • 6. Muscle Testing - An Adjunct Tool
  • Practical Application
  • 7. Muscle Testing Example Part 1
  • 8. Muscle Testing Example Part II
  • Muscle Testing - Beginners Course Quiz
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever