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Heart Sound Recorder Basic Training

You recognized the complete genius of the Heart Sound Recorder, made the investment and have high expectations of how to integrate it into your practice. need to make it all come together.

This online course was developed from a live, hands-on seminar and is an intensive basic training for new device owners (and staff) to assist with proper integration and interpretation. Here are a few of the areas we will cover:

• Integrating the HSR into your established practice
• Interpreting graphs and selecting protocols
• Determining nutritional deficiencies
• Establishing HSR systems, recall and pricing strategies
• Marketing, educating and motivating patients

The additional materials contained in this course include forms, job aides, patient handouts, related articles, trusted links and a patient health talk, making this a priceless program in your overall learning and implementation.

Credits: No sponsored CEUs at this time, however ACN/NCA certification enrollees will receive 6 elective credits for participation.

Run Time: 6 hrs estimated

Instructor: Melissa Taylor, ACN, BS Mkt Run Time: 6 hrs CEU Hours: 0 Cert Credit Hours: 6 Course Date: 03/02/2019

  • Whole Food Practice Educational Disclaimer
  • 1 History and Anatomy
  • 2 What Patients Want to Discuss (Part 1)
  • 3 What Patients Want to Discuss (Part 2)
  • 4 Patient Intake Process
  • HSR Preparing for a Visit
  • 5 Placement and Control Screen
  • 6 Graph Interpretation (Part 1)
  • 7 Graph Interpretation (Part 2)
  • 8 Adjunct Tools
  • 9 Physical Exam and Office Tests
  • 10 Clinic Tools Office Forms
  • 11 Dietary Lifestyle Guidance
  • Heart Sound Recorder Weekly Webinars
  • ACN & NCA Certification Participants
  • Complete Your Submission
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever