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Chronic Inflammation: Stealth Sources & Herbal Solutions

Chronic inflammation and the long-term effects of covert pathogens are challenging topics for most practitioners. The physiology and medical research on these topics can be daunting. Do you need more depth of knowledge to answer hard questions like:

- What is systemic inflammation?
- Why have I felt so lousy since I had that awful infection?
- Why is this turmeric better?
- Do you have solutions for me? I've tried everything.

This mini course was recorded as a follow-up webinar after we hosted Lee Carroll for a live CEU seminar on this expanded topic. It was an intense day of learning, so it served as a great summary, but it also is a excellent introduction.

Instructor: Lee Carroll BSc, BHSc (WFM) Run Time: 1 CEU Hours: 0 Cert Credit Hours: 1 Course Date: 06/04/2020

  • Course Introduction - Why We Are Offering This Program
  • Mini Course Video Presentation
  • Carroll_Stealth-Turmeric Webinar 2018
  • Mini Course Handouts - Powerpoint Notes Pending Receipt from Presenter
  • Turmeric Forte Fact Sheet
  • Specialized Immune System Support Protocol Sheet
  • Turmeric Forte Product Training
  • Immune Defenses Product Training
  • Stealth-Turmeric Webinar Handout 2 per page
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever